RBR Construction Dallas Texas Road Contractors
RBR Construction Dallas Texas Road Contractors
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Construction of Reversible Lane
Infrastructure Development Contractor Company Profile

RBR has played a significant role in virtually every major highway asphalt and concrete project and milestone engineering achievement throughout Puerto Rico. Throughout RBR's 30+ year history, we have performed over $70 million dollars with the City Municipalities of Texas, Texas Department of Transportation, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Puerto Rico Highway Authority and have completed most all our projects ahead of schedule and under budget. We have the expertise and resources to support and deliver bespoke transport solutions from toll roads to arterial roads, access improvements, bypasses, bridges and associated infrastructure.

Road & Highway Maintenance Services

RBR is skilled in all forms of maintenance on highways and toll-roads such as concrete slab repairs, corner partial depth patching, removal and replacement of silicone joint between slabs, replacement of thermoplastic traffics lines, repairing partially or completed asphalt shoulders, performing electrical work for lighting poles, diamond grinding in new slab for a perfect readability, cleaning or replacement of poorly performing sewer systems and all other incidental highway related projects.

Privatized Road Development

The Puerto Rico Highway Authority is moving towards the privatization of all major highways in Puerto Rico, ushering in a new era of roadworks privatization. RBR Construction, with over 30 years of experience in efficient roadway development and maintenance, is ready to provide local expertise and support to the new private firms operating Puerto Rico's road infrastructure.

With an bonding capacity, RBR has the resources and equipment to fully manage and execute large projects, along with the advantage of being a small family-owned company that can limit overhead. This advantage allows RBR to compete with larger firms at a competitive/reduced cost with no compromise in quality and results.

Road Reconstruction/Road Rehabilitation

Ensuring minimal impact of reconstruction on heavy-traffic highways requires a developer with a certain level of experience. RBR crews work around-the-clock to meet the needs of any road or highway rehabilitation project.

  • Road/Highway lane widening
  • Realignment of lanes/new intersections
  • Removal and replacing of broken concrete slabs
  • Replacement of damaged guard rails
  • Installation of new traffic and overhead signage
  • Installation/repair of high mast pole lighting and signage
  • Thermoplastic lane repainting
  • Restoration of existing shoulder
  • Toll-plaza repair/widening/reconstruction
  • Repavement of existing ramps
  • Rumble strips
  • Geometric improvement of intersections
  • Removal/replacement of deteriorated asphalt ramps by cold-milling method
  • Rumble Strips

    RBR has installed more than 200 miles of rumbles striping in highways throughout Texas and Puerto Rico (PR-22, PR-26, PR-52, PR-53 and PR-66). Recently RBR has invested in the latest rumble striping equipment that allows for faster installation with safer operation.

    Sound Barriers - Highway Improvement for Housing Developments

    Sound Barriers reduce highway noise and improve aesthetics for neighborhoods located close to high-traffic thoroughfares. RBR has experience with both metal-insulated and concrete sound barrier installation/repair and has completed several large projects for the Puerto Rico Highway Authority.

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